The GPP Fisheries spokesman explains that delays in the delivery of fresh fish due to the strike, which lasts 6 months, makes it unfit for sale and entails millions in losses to Spanish fishermen

The GPP Fisheries spokesman, Joaquín García Díez, today called on the Government, through a Proposal no of Law, to adopt the necessary measures to alleviate the serious situation that some fishing shipowners are undergoing under the fishing agreement of the EU with Mauritania.

As García Díez explained, “the strike of local carriers on the border between Mauritania and Morocco, which lasts 6 months, causes significant delays in the delivery of fresh fish making it unfit for sale, and leading to millions in losses for a fleet that invoices in Spain more than 15 million euros ”.

Therefore, as the popular spokesman recalled, "the Galician Government and the Popular Group have repeatedly addressed the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food without a satisfactory response."

In addition, it has concluded, the GPP in this initiative proposes to open an extraordinary route to carry out its discharges in the port of Dakhla, establish economic aid to the affected fleets under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and that the new fisheries agreement with Mauritania (the current one expires in November) contains measures that allow dealing with eventualities such as this.

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