• Before Brexit or Mobile, the PP proposes measures that convey messages of tranquility and security

The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered in Congress a Proposal no of Law in which it urges the Government to support the tourism sector with State measures, among others, to withdraw its proposal to create a new rate or special tax that serious use of air transport, given the alarm situation by the coronavirus

The initiative, signed by the spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the general secretary of the GPP, Guillermo Mariscal, and the spokesman and deputy spokesman for Tourism, Agustín Almodóbar and Sebastián Ledesma, respectively, underlines that the current challenges require reinforcing “the policies of State ”in favor of tourism, with the greatest consensus among the various areas of administration and involving the private sector in a more active and committed way.

Therefore, the Executive is also urged to strengthen promotional and communication actions both in the national and international markets, with messages of tranquility and security that cushion effects such as those caused by cancellations of fairs and congresses planned, in the case of Mobile, that promote the perception of Spain as a destination of the highest level in quality, safety, professionalism and with a public and private health system prepared to face any critical situation.

Likewise, a reduction of the tax burden in state, regional and local taxes is demanded to minimize the effects that the alarm generated by the coronavirus, with specific bonuses in Social Security fees.

Another of the GPP's claims is that the Government increase cooperation with the sector and destinations in the face of the consequences of Brexit, in matters related to British access to Spain, civil aviation, air connections, access to public health, etc.

Finally, the Executive is urged to urgently set up the work table announced by the Government and of which hoteliers, agencies and transport companies are part of the work to review, redesign, update and improve the vacation program for older than IMSERSO.

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