La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

It demands that the Autonomous Community cease to be a bargaining chip for the PSOE to approve General State Budgets

The Popular Party of Navarra has reminded the PNV today that "Navarra has its own voice and does not need intermediaries." The president of the PPN, Ana Beltrán, has responded in this way to the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, who announced today that Basque nationalism aspires to “continue to be the voice” of Navarra in Madrid.
The PPN has issued a statement after the weekly meeting of its Steering Committee and, in it, Beltrán has warned that Ortuzar's statements are "an affront to Navarrese and a lack of respect for the Foral Community." "We Navarrese are fed up with the interference of Basque nationalism, whose highest aspiration is that we stop being what we are: Navarrese and Spanish," he added.
The PPN recalled that the pronouncement of Basque nationalism "is one more episode of a staggered strategy whose ultimate objective is to shore up the annexation of Navarra to the Basque Country." In this sense, Beltrán has stressed that "this new interference by the PNV" takes place days after the Basque Government used the Basque Government's shield that includes the chains of Navarre, a shield that the Constitutional Court prohibited the Basque Executive from using when understand that "it invades and injures the competence that corresponds to the Foral Community of Navarra in relation to its own symbol".
Beltrán, immediately afterwards, has demanded that the governments of Spain and Navarre stop looking the other way and demand respect for Navarrese people ”. Both Pedro Sánchez and María Chivite, he said, "are willing to continue giving in to nationalism in order to ensure their particular share of power." "Navarra must stop being the currency of exchange for the PSOE to access governments or approve General State Budgets," he demanded.

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