• He affirms that the management of the purchase of the tests "is very disappointing and transfers to the population a lack of government confidence to resolve this crisis", and justifies the request of the PP to create a monitoring commission in Congress for this case

• He attributes the purchase of failed tests to the fact that "the Government is going behind the events and in this state of" totum revolutum "that has generated the pandemic at the international level it is much more difficult to act"

• Considers that the Ministry is behaving more "reactive than proactive and this is a problem because being behind does not allow planning and managing risks"

• Explains that "the minister of health is not asked to guess the future, but rather to make an estimate in order to develop a strategy, once the peak of infection is reached"

• He emphasizes that the PP maintains a loyal position, but the Government cannot expect “nobody to comment or criticize its actions” and recalls the criticism that the PP Government received during the Ebola and hepatitis C crises

• Demand quick tests, protective equipment and respirators for health personnel

• It indicates that the Government has an obligation to make decisions before the state of alarm is decreed, as established by the Public Security Law. "The ministry has all the machinery of the State to know the data and act," he says.

• Considers that parliamentary activity cannot be “curtailed” and recalls that “it is not the opposition, but the Constitution that establishes that the state of alarm cannot mean the closure of the Cortes

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