The senator of the PP by Melilla, Sofía Acedo, has revealed today, in the plenary session of the Senate, in a question to the acting Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska, “the solidarity of the PP with the civil guards wounded in the last massive and violent assault on the fence of Ceuta and our maximum commitment to their work and what they represent for most Spaniards. ”

Acedo referred to this, after asking the acting Minister of the Interior about the measures that the Government plans to adopt in the matter of immigration, in the short and medium term, to respond to the situations that have been occurring, in recent times with greater intensity, on the southern border of Europe.

In this sense, Sofía Acedo has lamented the lack of concrete answers of the minister, and has questioned him to answer matters of such importance, in which the acting Government does nothing more than “make the partridge dizzy”, like what they are going to do with the thousands of unaccompanied foreign minors found in our country.

"Are they going to be returned to Morocco, as stated in the readmission agreement of 2012, or good relations with the neighboring country do not happen there?" He asked.

In the same way, the senator of the PP has asked Grande Marlaska what the Government is going to do with the vessels that are arriving at the Island of Chafarinas, a long swim from the Moroccan coast. "Are they going to return those immigrants, or do good relations with Morocco not happen there either?"

Another of the questions raised by Sofía Acedo and that has remained unanswered, is whether the acting Government of the PSOE will provide more civil and technical resources to the Civil Guard and National Police that guard our borders, so that they can do their job in the maximum security conditions.

“What are those deterrent means that will replace the concertinas? And with the border rejections, what are they going to do? ”Acedo asked, after which he lamented the lack of answers and concretion on the part of the Government on matters as important as these.

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