El senador del Partido Popular, Bienvenido de Arriba

From Above, addressing Pablo Iglesias "has swarmed around the stage, but has not managed to reduce poverty, exclusion and inequality"

The senator from Salamanca of the Popular Group, Welcome from Above, has assured that "employment continues to be the main factor of inclusion and correction of inequality" and has warned the second vice president that "or makes his government focus on creating employment, or it will be very difficult for you to reach your goal of reducing poverty and inequality. "

Welcome from Above intervened in the appearance of the second vice-president of the Government to report on the policies of his Department before the Commission of Social Policies of the Senate. The popular senator has assured that the appearance was highly conditioned by the health crisis that we are suffering and by the "ineffective management carried out by the Government".

De Arriba has analyzed the data provided by the Gini and AROPE indices in 2018, when, for the fourth consecutive year, they decreased by more than 6 points. In this
sense, the senator from Salamanca has reminded him that the first measure as a response from the Government to this crisis was ERTES. "While it is true that
ERTE workers are not unemployed, they are inactive and, once the first answer is given, they must be brought, with correct policies, to full employment, because if not, poverty and exclusion will not decrease, he explained. And he added: "they should, at some point, recognize that their government is benefiting at this point, from the labor regulation that until 5 minutes ago they wanted to repeal."

The popular senator has made the vice president ugly that, in the Stability Program Update sent to Brussels, no budget item, of more than 28,000 MM, is earmarked for education, which has such an impact on the risk of poverty and exclusion. "You should make the effort in employment and education, grow again and create employment." You have been around the stage a lot, but you have done nothing to reduce poverty, exclusion and inequality ”, accused Pablo Iglesias. "His performance would seem like an empty pose that would reveal the low commitment of his Government to reducing the risk of poverty and exclusion," he sentenced.

Welcome from Above has revealed the corrections that both the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy have made to the proposals of Pablo Iglesias and the contradictions between the Vice President and the Minister of Social Security in the announcement and approval of the Minimum Vital Income And he has finished his first intervention, assuring that his Group fears that the PSOE-United Podemos coalition government "will leave more poverty and exclusion, which is what usually happens when they apply their policies."

Welcome from Above has asked the Vice President some questions about “if it is confirmed that he will charge the City Councils and the Provincial Councils the costs of
Processing of the Minimum Vital Income "subtracting resources from its remnants to the City Councils", as a media outlet assures today.

Likewise, he has been interested in the specific measures that he is going to promote to avoid waiting lists in dependency or the work carried out by his Ministry for the development of the tax allocation of 0.7 percent, of the Corporation Tax destined for the Third Sector, "when they have not yet made available the more than 30 million collected in 2019," he said.

The National Plan for Children and Adolescents, pending since 2018, the Comprehensive Protection Law against violence against children, "whose draft law left
elaborated by the Rajoy government ”, the Regulations of the Volunteer Law and the Strategy against unwanted chronic loneliness, have been the questions on which the popular senator has asked for information.

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