La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Pilar Marcos

  • The deputy spokesperson of the GPP, Pilar Marcos, points out that employment is key so that “the trust” on which the pension system is built does not break, “with a job that is quoted sufficiently”, and is also the main key against inequality – "because there is nothing more exclusive than not having it" -, and to promote the autonomy of people, especially women, "because it is the first lever of independence and opportunities."
  • Stresses that the best data on female employment go hand in hand with the governments of the PP: “With the PP, we recover all female employment destroyed by the crisis, there were more women than ever working -8.7 million, 46.38% of those employed – and the wage gap fell 4 points, standing at 14.2% below the European average. ”
  • He points out that the balance of female employment with socialist governments is clearly negative, which “is bad” for women's employment, pensions and equal opportunities: “With the PSOE, between 2007 and 2011 more than 1 were lost , 4 million female jobs – of the 3.5 million jobs destroyed; and now, since June 2018, with the PSOE there are 30,000 fewer women in Spain working ”.
  • Remember that while Zapatero froze the pensions – "and 70,000 million of revenue from contributions were lost" -, in the last Rajoy Budgets – now extended – 4 out of every 10 euros went to pensions, 40% of the Budget.
  • Given the estimate that, in 2022, “for every ten people of working age there are six potentially inactive people,” the deputy spokeswoman of the GPP advocates talking about active retirement, giving incentives to voluntarily delay the retirement age and guarantee a legal and orderly immigration that is integrated into Spanish society, with employment and guarantees.
  • “By Autonomous Communities, the highest average pension is paid in the Basque Country (1,250 euros per month) and the lowest in Extremadura (838 euros per month). That is, there are territorial differences in the perception of pensions. And more than there can be with Sánchez's surprising agreement with the PNV to break the unique Social Security box! ”
  • He affirms that as “unfortunately the PNV has been absent from this debate, it cannot explain what the privilege agreed with the PSOE in the matter of Social Security consists of”, so it asks that the representatives of the PSOE or Podemos can explain it.
  • “Motherhood has a higher opportunity cost in women than in men, at least for the time of pregnancy. To compensate for this difference, the maternity supplement was launched in 2015, at the initiative of the last PP Government. Later, Pablo Casado promised to extend that complement to women who had only one child with a 2% improvement in their pension. Nothing said any leader on the left doing anything. ”

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