It will allow to define the priorities of youth policies during the next years

The Popular Party will propose the creation of a youth subcommission in the Congress of Deputies, aimed at the study and adoption of measures related to the current stiaution of youth in Spain.

The initiative has been transferred today by the vice secretary of Social Policy of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, to the Youth Council of Spain, during a meeting held at the headquarters of the agency, which was also attended by the secretary of Equality and Social Affairs, Mari Mar Blanco, and the national president of New Generations, Diego Gago.

The subcommittee, which is part of the Committee on Health, Consumption and Social Welfare of the Lower House, will study, on the one hand, define the priorities of youth policies over the next few years. On the other, it will be in charge of addressing a new methodology for public youth policies.

Around this issue, the subcommission aims to end the consideration that focuses and reduces youth policies only to public leisure policies. Thus, he proposes to analyze fundamental problems such as access to housing, public policies aimed at combating unemployment and tackling the gender violence experienced by young women. Similarly, it will explore ways for codecision and co-management of public policies in youth.

To do this, it will gather the information and documentation that it needs from the competent Public Administrations and will have the appearance of members of civil society that are thus determined by having the Youth Council of Spain (CJE), as well as the authorities, civil servants Public and experts.

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