Casado Headlines at ABC Forum Breakfast

  • Casado presents a “Spain plan for Catalonia” within the electoral program to recover “the concord of a modern and cosmopolitan land ruined by the process.
  • "We have to disembark again in coexistence and end with the contemporary black legend that the independentistas try to sculpt in barricades and burning containers."
  • He describes the file opened by the Central Electoral Board to Pedro Sánchez as “very serious and unpublished”, and affirms that “whoever instrumentalizes public institutions and resources does not deserve to be victorious”.
  • He advocates acting with the law in the face of the emptiness of the institutions in Catalonia and requires the PSOE to break any agreement with the independentists that encourage violence.
  • "The PP will continue to be the brain, heart and lung of the right center, because our ideas, our heartbeat and oxygen have allowed us to avoid social and economic collapse in Spain twice."
  • It claims a new law of symbols that guarantees the presence of the flag of Spain throughout the territory and that coexists with the senyera in Catalonia, as well as a language law that makes Catalan a merit and not a requirement.
  • Announces an "agenda for the new majority", with proposals for tax rebates, revaluation of pensions, single health card, freedom of education and health, market unit, maternity support and job creation.
  • Bet on a security program that benefits and favors coordination between FCSE, salary equalization and the defense of the reviewable permanent prison.
  • Proposes a “red carpet to motherhood” to end the demographic winter and provide facilities for families, youth and women who want to be mothers.
  • Betting on facilitating the access of young people to housing, creating a public park of 100,000 homes for rent through public-private collaboration and a moratorium on evictions of families with children until 2023.
  • It undertakes to promote a “shock plan” of access to youth employment, with the exemption of the IRPF payment for young mileuristas, encourage entrepreneurship to create a company in five days, expand the flat rate for the self-employed and a law on second opportunity.
  • It presents the PP as a government and state party that knows how to solve economic crises, boost the international agenda “because it knows how to do it”. "We want to govern for all, we are prepared and the Spaniards are urgently needed to be done," he emphasizes.
  • Casado to Sánchez: “Who has not been able to form a government with four alternatives and 123 seats, will he be able to do so when arithmetic is much more difficult?

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