A PP Government will secure the € 47.5 billion of the CAP, promote a consensual Water Pact and measures to combat depopulation

The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the PP and Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has affirmed that, given the challenge of brexit and the tariff policy of the United States that already suffer sectors such as wine and oil, “the Party Popular undertakes to negotiate from the EU and bilaterally with the United States the elimination of these tariffs. ”

“Other countries such as Portugal or Italy are not affected, but Spanish wine and oil are due to the lack of a bilateral policy with the United States. Gestures such as a visit to Cuba do not help to redirect the situation, ”he added.

Similarly, he has argued that "Brexit negotiations should be focused from the search for mechanisms that prevent our sector from being affected."

Cuca Gamarra has made these statements today, day 4, in a press conference in which he has detailed the electoral proposals of the Popular Party aimed at farmers and ranchers, as well as measures aimed at taking care of the environment and combating climate change. "We believe in the Spanish countryside, in a modern field with a great future," he said.

“The implementation of the Popular Party allows us to speak with knowledge of a strategic sector for the economy, especially regional, such as agriculture. This Electoral Program means renewing our commitment to Riojan farmers, based on what we have already done: in our management experience and negotiation capacity in relation to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). We have the capacity to do it again in a few years that will be key to guarantee the viability of the agricultural sector in Spain and La Rioja, ”he said.

Among the main proposals included in the Electoral Program with a view to the Elections next Sunday, Cuca Gamarra has highlighted the need to prioritize the CAP in the negotiations for the next period 2021-2027 and defend the millions of euros that have to come to Spain and La Rioja. “We promise to reach the previous 47,500 million euros. The PSOE proposed a 30% reduction in the CAP, which leaves us with the two possible models: A PP that believes in the CAP and will negotiate to reach those figures or a PSOE that proposes cuts of 30%. ”

Regarding water, he has advocated a National Water Agreement agreed with autonomous communities, irrigators and all affected sectors. "A commitment that also materializes in the development of hydraulic infrastructure, because that guarantees the viability, sustainability and modernization of our field," he said.

Cuca Gamarra has also alluded to the depopulation of the rural environment, one of the challenges to be addressed in the short term. In La Rioja, 21% of Riojans live in rural areas, most of them in municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. In the last 16 years, the population of the smallest municipalities of La Rioja has decreased by 13.3%. "For the Popular Party, settlement in our villages is fundamental, for this we commit ourselves to those who want to live in small towns can do so, with more opportunities and specific measures."

Among them, he cited “the extension of broadband, with the 300×100 plan for total connectivity with high speed, paralyzed by the PSOE; improve access to public services, with the promotion of a Plan for Health and Rural School; increases to aid for rehabilitation and purchase of homes in rural areas; as well as the extension of the flat rate for two years for the self-employed who maintain their activity in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants ”.


Regarding the fight against climate change, the Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to the Congress of Deputies has proposed the approval of a National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 that sets the measures to be applied to achieve the agreed objectives in the European Union. In turn, he stressed the permanent commitment of the PP against climate change, “which is part of the history of this party. The PP has been the creator and promoter of the ministries, councils and environmental departments; PP governments have signed the commitments as a country in Kyoto or Paris; It was a Spanish Commissioner of the PP, Miguel Arias Cañete, who defined the measures to be promoted within the EU until 2050 ”, he recalled.

Among other measures in this area, it has underlined the commitment of the Popular Party to "advance in the elimination of plastic containers", as well as the "promotion of a comprehensive strategy for green areas and peri-urban forests that favor the transition to a society more responsible for the fight against climate change as one of his priorities. ”


Asked by journalists about the results of the latest published polls, Cuca Gamarra has pointed out that "they set a clear trend: the Popular Party is growing."

“All agree that Pablo Casado is the only alternative to Pedro Sánchez and that the center-right vote would exceed that of the left. From prudence, I transfer to Riojans that if we fragment the vote, even if we are more, Sanchez will win. We must add the vote in a useful way. The PP will continue to work these days to transfer the need to think about everything that unites us so that, as of November 10, Pablo Casado is a President that governs all Riojaans, ”he said.

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