Planas encourages food distribution to bet on Spanish, seasonal and proximity products

A change in purchasing habits motivated by the state of alarm declared in the middle of March, as a result of the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus and the direct effect it has on the population to remain confined to their homes.

Meats, vegetables and legumes

Thus, in the meat sector there is a growth of 16.3%, with a purchase volume of 214,014,750 kilos in March this year, compared to 184,065,390 kg in March 2019.

Of note is the rise in beef (20.9%), as well as in fresh chicken and pork, with variations of 16.9% and 18.6% respectively. However, the sale of sheep / goat and rabbit meat decreased, with falls of 4.9% and 2.4%, respectively.

Fresh vegetables and potatoes also generally increase their volume in households with a variation of 18.6%, reaching a volume of 362,189,500 kg in March 2020, compared to 305,376,060 kg in March 2019.

The rise is higher than 20% in some types such as onions (23.7%), lettuce / endive or endive (35.5%) or peppers +21.8%). Green beans (13.4%), cabbages (18.7%) or tomatoes grew notably, with an increase of 11.6% in the positive.

In the case of fruits, they increased by 8.8% in volume, a growth below the total average. The increase in the demand for fruit occurs in some types, with an increase in oranges (10.4%), mandarins (19.6%) and lemons (27.3%). There are also growths in apples (12.0%) and pears with an increase in volume of 11.0%. However, the demand for strawberries / strawberries, watermelon and grapes decreases.

In basic food there are also increases for some categories such as legumes, whose demand grows by 61.1%, with a total of 23,108,540 kg in March this year, compared to 14,342,210 kg in March 2019 or rice that reaches 24,048,090 kg in March 2020 compared to 15,846,400 kg in 2019, representing an increase of 51.9%.

The purchase of eggs also rises by 21.5%; bread in a proportion of 8.8% or sugar with a variation compared to March 2019 of 37.0%.

Dairy and fishery products

The increase in demand for liquid milk and milk derivatives is also notable, with an increase of 15.1%, derived from the difference between 498,112,240 liters / kg in March 2020 and 432,734,470 liters / kg in March of last year. year.

The analysis of trends in Spanish households also confirms an increase in the purchase of fishing products, although its growth in March 2020 is 4.7% compared to the same month of the previous year and is lower than in which grows on average total food (15.4%). The consumption of frozen fish stands out with an increase of 27.0%, while fresh fish lost 0.8% in volume. In this segment, the purchase of canned fish / shellfish is also intensified by 21.1%.

Regarding beverages, spirits were added to the shopping basket with an increase this March of 24.7% compared to March 2019 and beers (22.2%). The presence of bottled beverages (10.8%), as well as soft drinks and soft drinks (7.0%) increases in Spanish households, although its variation does not exceed the average figure for total food (15.4%) ).

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