The presentation of initiating briefs by LexNET increased 15% compared to 2019 with the reactivation of the service

Despite this increase in the first week of service reactivation, LexNET has functioned normally.

This is data from the General Sub-Directorate for Planning and Management of Digital Transformation, which has monitored the use of the electronic communications system since the restrictions on the presentation of briefs to the courts established on March 18 were lifted. The periods selected to establish the data comparisons between 2019 and 2020 cover from Tuesday to Wednesday of the weeks of April prior to the start of Easter.

According to his report, the declaration of the state of alarm supposed a decrease of 87% in electronic communications with the judicial organs, but the data of this last week confirms that judicial activity has begun to recover, although we are not yet in a scenario de-escalation of containment measures in the Administration of Justice.

Considering the jurisdictional order to which the initiating briefs belong, a 43% increase has been registered in the civil jurisdiction, while in the criminal (-37%), social (-23%) or administrative contentious (-33%) ) have occurred less than before the alarm status declaration. It is estimated that it will be at a later stage when the labor and economic impact of the health crisis is reflected in these last two areas. In anticipation of this scenario, the Government will present, within a maximum period of 15 days after the end of the state of alarm, shock plans to speed up activity in the social, contentious-administrative and commercial courts.

By territories, the increase is greater in Madrid (+ 33%), the Canary Islands (+ 32%), the Valencian Community (+ 31%), Murcia (+ 26%), Andalusia (+ 24%) and the Balearic Islands (+ 13%) . Other autonomous communities such as Galicia (-28%), Ceuta (-29%) or Melilla (-8%), in addition to the Supreme Court and the National Court (-44%) have not yet recovered the ordinary presentation figures. Finally, Castilla la Mancha (0%), Extremadura (+ 1%), Castilla León (-2%), Rioja (+ 1%) and Asturias (-1%), show presentation figures practically identical to those they have during a normal week.

As for the procedural documents, in the week of April 15 to 21, 220,359 were presented, 25% less than in 2019.

On the other hand, 357,879 notifications were made in this period, 81% less than in an ordinary week of 2019, as a consequence of the suspension of procedural deadlines and the decrease in the number of officials who can provide services due to the mobility limitations established . It is estimated that as a result of the circular of the Ministry of Justice of April 20, which recommends that the lawyers of the Administration of Justice notify what is being processed, the gap between filings and notifications will begin to be corrected.

Lexnet Activity Charts

Initiating Writings

Detail of the writings initiated by jurisdiction

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