At the appointment, lThe business representatives showed their confidence that this new period that now opens up in the Extremaduran government supposes strengthening and deepening the collaboration of CEOE and CREEX with the Executive chaired by Fernández Vara, to face together the challenges facing Extremadura with the aim of equaling their levels of development, employment and welfare to the rest of the territories of Spain.

This spirit of collaboration was already transferred to the president of Extremadura by the heads of CREEX and Antonio Garamendi during the meeting held last March and where different issues aimed at promoting the socio-economic development of Extremadura were addressed. Among them, the improvement of infrastructures and communications, the administrative agility to attract investments, the fiscal pressure borne by citizens and businesses and the need to continue betting on the Social Dialogue were discussed.

From the CREEX, is confident that all these issues continue to be priority issues on the agenda of the new regional government, whose holders, in regard to the various ministries, will be known, predictably, next week.

The inauguration was held in the Plaza de los Naranjos of the Assembly of Extremadura, where Vara addressed the government of the nation to say that "Spain is in debt to Extremadura." He recalled the "enormous confidence" that Extremadura has given him in the past regional elections, "not only for the result, but for the participation, which makes us stronger when it comes to being more demanding".

He alluded to the train, "an element that, as you well know, has only begun to be resolved when public resources have been compromised so that it can be a reality." For the president of the Board, in this moment of "so much complexity" "accurate diagnoses" and also "treatments" are needed, and the answers "can be simple, but not simple", he affirmed.

In his opinion, in this scenario, effort, work and recovering lost consensus are required. Thus, he said not to understand that there are no points of agreement in Spain because "it is what the country needs" right now, "sit down to agree on those things that are essential". Spanish politicians "we owe this country" to find meeting points and agreements, and respond to issues that have to do with global challenges, more than any other consideration, he said.

Fernández Vara indicated that he contributes what he has, his experience, knowledge, years or ability to work, but above all "a vision of the country". He stressed that Spain is much more than the sum of 17 pieces, it is a country that must be understood as a society in which "everyone contributes what he has, so that each one can receive what he needs; that is the Spain in which I believe ".

Finally, he expressed the importance of flags and symbols, but "there are no flags or symbols more beautiful than equal opportunities, than the National Health System, the pension system, the Law of Dependency or anything that allows us to aspire to live in a better and fairer world, "he concluded.

The vice president of the Government of Spain, Carmen Calvo, also participated in the event; the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet; the president of the Senate, Manuel Cruz; the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos; and the president of the Council of State, Mª Teresa Fernández de la Vega, among other authorities.

After the ceremony, the president of CEOE was at the Teatro de Mérida to mark the beginning of the 65th edition of the Mérida Festival. An opportunity to highlight the value of inland tourism in Spain.

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