The president of CEOE Internacional, Marta Blanco, and the Ukrainian ambassador to Spain, Anatoliy Scherba, have met to strengthen relations and identify possible joint activities to promote business collaboration between Spain and Ukraine.

The Ukrainian ambassador has highlighted the extraordinary relationship between CEOE and his Embassy during the almost 10 years that he has been in Spain in two terms, and has highlighted the evolution of business relations between Spain and Ukraine Throughout this decade, where sectors such as agri-food or renewable energy have experienced constant growth. He has also highlighted the importance of business collaboration at this time and the interdependence of our business fabric, especially within Europe, as well as the impact of the measures adopted in the European Union, as one of the reasons why business collaboration between the countries we are part of is even more necessary to be more competitive.

The President of CEOE Internacional, and also President of the Tourism Council, thanked the Ambassador for his visit and the expressions of affection and trust towards the Confederation. In this sense, he highlighted the extraordinary relationship existing, mentioning some of the latest activities organized with the Ukrainian Embassy in Spain, and welcomed the joint activities to be held again soon to encourage business relations between the two countries. Likewise, before the ambassador's consultation on the prospects for the tourism sector in Spain, the president highlighted the resilience of the sector and the prospects for the coming months, according to the evolution of circumstances both nationally and internationally.

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