The CEO of International CEOE, Marta Blanco, held a meeting with the Indian ambassador to Spain, Sanjay Verma, and with the Political and Economic Advisor, Suman Shekhar, to analyze the possibilities of bilateral cooperation and the key sectors for Spanish companies with interests in the Indian market, such as infrastructure, renewable energy, tourism, digital banking, Smart cities, rail, machinery, water management or information technologies, among others.

During the meeting, Blanco highlighted the excellent relationship that CEOE maintains with the Confederation of Industries of India (IIC), and the close collaboration between the two within the international organizations Business at OECD and the Global Business Coalition (GBC). In this regard, he recalled, to cite some example, the meeting held by CEOE with the GBC in early 2019 in Delhi, as well as the participation of the Business Confederation in the official trip to India of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Josep Borrell , during the same period.

In turn, the Indian ambassador to Spain, Sanjay Verma, was interested in knowing better the internal structure of CEOE, and his role as the main interlocutor of the Spanish business community, together with the unions and the Government, in the Social Dialogue. They also talked about the perspectives of both markets, both nationally and internationally.

Indian government program

The Indian government has been promoting a program to reduce barriers to economic activity for some years, including the "Make in India" program, which includes a series of initiatives that are intended to transform India into a major global production center. To this end, a network of industrial corridors will be built throughout the country to boost regional development and provide better infrastructure to industrial cities.

The bureaucracy and the excess of regulations are some of the obstacles to overcome in the Indian market, therefore, it is essential to have local help to open doors to foreign companies and facilitate the management of procedures.

Key sectors

India is firmly committed to building and renovating its extensive road and rail transport networks, airports, ports and the creation of industrial parks, in addition to modernizing its cities, through sanitation and energy supplies. Infrastructure, renewable energy, telecommunications, defense, biotechnology, automotive and tourism are some of the sectors in which the country will invest a large part of its budget over the next few years, thus offering numerous opportunities to foreign companies.

There are also investment possibilities for Spanish companies in other sectors such as telecommunications, motor vehicles, machinery, aeronautical equipment, packaging and packaging, beverages and food products, among others.

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