The CEO of International CEOE, Marta Blanco, met with representatives of companies and business organizations involved in the work of the commissions and working groups of BUSINESS at OECD. The meeting was not only a good opportunity to coordinate the work of the different commissions, but also to combine messages and propose initiatives on the occasion of the next OECD ministerial meeting, which will be chaired by Spain.

At the meeting there was an exchange of views on the work and objectives of the most relevant work commissions of Business at OECD, such as those related to trade, investment and good business conduct, energy and the environment, digitalization, taxation and macroeconomics.

Specifically, there was talk about the need to defend multilateralism, to extol the positive effects of international trade and investment, as sources of economic growth, job creation and innovation, and to improve the conditions of access to international services markets .

Emphasis was also placed on the Green Plan, in ensuring technological neutrality in sustainable investments, in achieving a good taxonomy of green investments, in guaranteeing transience and in mobilizing huge amounts of capital. At the same time, the importance of guaranteeing the competitiveness of companies in the current ecological transition process was recalled.

It also had an impact on maintaining a level playing field in terms of data processing; The efforts of the OECD in guiding, through initiatives such as Going Digital, the governments in the digitalization of their respective economies were valued very positively and the need to redouble the efforts in such an important area as This one, due to the profound transformative effect it has on our society and economy.

It was recommended to promote structural reforms to increase the competitiveness of companies and insisted not to reverse those already made.

Then, we talked about those initiatives that would be the most appropriate to get the main business messages to the Spanish Administration and the OECD.

Business at OECD, made up of the most representative business organizations from OECD member countries and an international network of 2,800 business experts, represents business interests in the OECD.

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