James Watson, secretary general of Eurogas, an association that represents the wholesale, retail and gas distribution sectors of Europe before the institutions of the European Union, today visited the CEOE concerned about the measures that especially affect the regulation of the gas system in our country.

Within the framework of the meeting, the head of Eurogas has expressed concern about the scenario posed by the new remuneration framework that will affect not only the sector, but other business areas dependent on the gas activity, as well as foreign investment and Job stability

The European Secretary General has affirmed that the “European Union is firmly committed to renewable gas in 2050, and it is a mistake that as a result of circulars, in Spain, it is not possible to continue investing in the gas network, since renewable gas It needs such infrastructure. ”

The representatives of CEOE INTERNACIONAL showed their interest in the observations made and requested additional information to send it to the rest of the departments of the institution.

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