The president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, participated yesterday in the Breakfast for Talent on ideas for labor inclusion from companies and entrepreneurship, organized by Inserta Empleo, the ONCE Foundation entity for the labor inclusion of people with disabilities. The event was also attended by representatives of large socially responsible companies, such as Vodafone, Endesa Foundation, Orange and Carrefour.

Antonio Garamendi stressed that Equality in the labor integration of people with disabilities has not yet been achieved and advocated that progress be made as far as gender equality is pursued. The president of CEOE, who shared a round table with the general director of Fundación ONCE, José Luis Martínez Donoso, said that Gender equality is being achieved in companies and that this impulse continues so that it also reaches talent. "That talent, when it is mixed, is much more powerful," he stressed, adding that in diversity one should walk in the same direction.

In the act, Antonio Garamendi recalled his bet when he became president of CEOE to incorporate more women to the governing bodies of the organization, and reiterated that the Confederation will be "proactive" also in the field of social inclusion. He also stated that Technology is a "great opportunity" and, with it, the disability "is going to have a moment where the light will shine because there are really going to be opportunities that have not been there".

On the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations, Antonio Garamendi said that "we have gone from the Social Responsibility of companies, CSR, to another dimension at this time very important" due to the effect of globalization, putting in value that the objective is "Put the person in the center", At the same time he added that if companies are not economically sustainable, "they will hardly be able to act in this way".

At this point, the president of CEOE put the accent on "the management of the State" and the taxes paid by companies. "Even more effort is required and there is very little control over the efficiency of the State," he said, to lament "the amount of resources that could be applied to social issues that are currently being applied to other criteria."

In this sense, Garamendi urged Spanish companies to indicate the 'X Solidaria' in the Corporation Tax, as a "fundamental" step to advance in the integration of diversity. "We deeply believe in that model change, in the Sustainable Development Goals, ODS, and in those values ​​towards people," he remarked, adding: "CEOE is going to be on this path, and for that reason, we also have to defend that These companies are competitive, profitable, give dividends to their shareholders and can pay their workers well. "

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