The meeting was held at the Cadiz business headquarters, showing the president of the CEC the collaboration of the business organization with the development of the public shipyards of the Bay of Cádiz, as one of the greatest generators of economic wealth in our province.

"We are facing one of the most relevant sectors of our economy, in terms of participation in GDP, employment, and the drag to other sectors, especially the industry that integrates the supply chain," said Javier Sánchez Rojas.

The president of Navantia, who has signed the Book of Honor of the CEC, stressed that "Navantia is promoting a new Strategic Plan where the Shipyards of the Bay of Cádiz are a key part of it to strengthen the commitment to the economy, the employment and social cohesion of the province ". He added that Navantia is transforming betting on new technologies and the 4.0 shipyard, and that it needs the collaborating companies to transform with Navantia in order to become more competitive and a pole of attraction for technological investors.

On the part of the business organization they have accompanied their president the general secretary, Carmen Romero. The president of Navantia has attended this visit with the director of the Bay of Cadiz Shipyard, Javier Herrador and the general secretary of the company, Esther Urbina.

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