The President of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has met with the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, in a meeting in which both have promised to promote Justice as a dynamic element of the economy and have asked the different actors " high-mindedness ”to advance in the reconstruction of the country. At the meeting, in which the director of the Legal Department of CEOE, José María Campos, also participated, the importance of the Administration of Justice and legal security as a fundamental element in the economic development of Spain was highlighted.

On the part of the businessmen, the different initiatives in which CEOE participates were explained, among which are the Proposals for the Draft Law on Procedural, Technological Measures and Implementation of Dispute Resolution Means, necessary reforms in bankruptcy, amendments to Royal Decree Law 16/2020 and the regulation of multi-recidivist theft. Along these lines, the Minister of Justice congratulated CEOE for the work carried out by the Legal Commission of the Confederation and expressed the Ministry's interest in receiving proposals from the business sector.

On the table have also been other projects that the Department of Justice has committed to in this legislature, such as the new Criminal Procedure Law and the Law of Defense Law. The President of the CEOE has transferred to the minister various issues related to legal certainty in the postcovid and bankruptcy context that are of particular concern to the business sector.

Campo explained that the revised text of the Bankruptcy Law that will enter into force in September will be the basis for future legislative reforms that are already being worked on. The objective is to make it easier for companies and individuals to recover from debts, ultimately resorting to the figure of the "next or new opportunity" to save or reconvert the business project.

The minister explained that, thanks to the dialogue and co-governance mechanisms established within the Justice Administration at the beginning of the crisis, it has been possible to collaborate and agree on measures for joint action. "Working together is better for us," he stressed. During the meeting, the minister listed the instruments deployed by his department for the recovery of Justice, which will allow progress towards a new, more sustainable model of public service.

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