Foto de grupo de Pablo Casado tras su intervención.

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, presented this Thursday in Cáceres the position of the Popular Party on the Common Agrarian Policy and the current negotiations in the European Union, a document worked with the sector and that collects its concerns and needs

He demands that Sánchez stop his government insulting ranchers and farmers, after the labor minister has said that they promote slavery and values ​​that the sector, to which more than 2.5 million Spaniards dedicate themselves, contributes 12% of GDP

He reiterates the commitment of the Popular Party with the food system, with whom he has met every two months and thanks the entire agri-food chain for having given "the chest" in the most difficult days for Spain in the last 100 years in terms of epidemiological pandemics.

He asks that the sector not take away what it already had, in relation to the negotiation of the CAP: "Thanks to you, there has been no shortage of basic foods to feed us and you have not stopped pitching in during the pandemic," he stressed

It explains how the Popular Party governments achieved more than 47,500 million euros in tough CAP negotiations, obtaining for Spain 238 million more, when the EU allocated less money, while Zapatero's PSOE came with 1,300 million less when the EU offered plus

He calls on Minister Planas to clarify what they call "the point and apart of the negotiation of the multi-year financial framework" and demands that the more than 47,000 million euros that the Spanish countryside is asking for come • Remember how Sánchez came to Extremadura to call Serrano ham Iberico, humiliating the pork sector, without negotiating the tariffs of our products with the United States, dedicating itself to missing the country, instead of appearing at the White House to defend wine, oil, ham, etc.


1. Review the tariff policy that affects Spanish products.

2. Maintain the CAP, demanding what the sector demands

3. Carry out a National Strategic Plan, given the transformation of the sector

4. Compatibility between the Multiannual Financial Framework and the New Generation for Europe Recovery and Resilience Fund, launched by the PP.

5. Claim the farmer, linked to his land and production.

6. Support the greater incorporation of women into the sector

7. That the young population continue with the farms and businesses of their previous generations

8. Support for cooperativism, a much-needed modality where agricultural holdings are smaller

9. Bet on training linked to the sector

10. Promote research, innovation and development, essential for the sector

11. Profitability, linked to agricultural income and agricultural insurance

12. Food supply chain, especially the demand for fair prices

13. Digitization: an increasingly computerized and technological sector

14. Consumer information: improved labeling, elimination of bureaucracies and barriers in distribution

15. Respect for sustainability and the environment

16. Green Pact: tackling the problem of depopulation

17. Know previously the social, economic and environmental impact assessments

18. Hydraulic policy. That the transferring basins and those that need water have the best infrastructures

19. Internationalization. Improvement in exports and common criteria in the markets

20. Concern about the Brexit negotiation.

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