• The Provincial Council is also required to provide a prototype of suicide prevention for Public Employees, paying special attention to the emergency personnel of the Fire Fighting and Rescue Service, as well as to the police officers of the municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants.

Seville, September 25, 2020. The spokesperson of the Provincial Group of VOX in the Diputación de Sevilla Rafael Garcia Ortiz has demanded to the Central Government by means of a replacement amendment that "urgently and without delay" a national suicide prevention plan be drawn up "with the aim of tackling a serious problem that affects the State Security Forces and Bodies." "We cannot consent to the alarming figures that place a suicide of a National Police every 43 days or a suicide of a Civil Guard a month" therefore “We demand the creation of a specialized Unit coordinated with the one existing in the Civil Guard Corps, to carry out periodic checks on police officers and to assist those who have undergone conflictive or dangerous interventions ”.

The spokesperson for Vox in the Provincial Council considers "In dire need" that a matter like this that has been silenced for years is resolved "We will not allow our backs to be turned to those who ensure our safety" García Ortiz has assured, who will propose that this Special Unit be completely independent from the police force of origin of the agent so that “it can work in an efficient and alleviate a problem that we cannot continue to silence”. “From VOX we firmly support our agents of the State Security Forces and Corps and we will not abandon them into oblivion, for that "we will demand and we will not stop until a plan is put in place to protect our agents."

In addition, the provincial group of VOX goes further because together with this requirement there is also the need for the Provincial Council to prepare a "Prototype plan for the prevention of suicides of the Public Employee paying special attention to the emergency personnel of the Firefighting and Rescue Services" whose work is extended to the police officers of the municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants and covers those who lack a suicide prevention plan. For them Vox proposes the “Creation of a telephone and email service line that must be attended by professionals within a period of no more than 72 business hours”.

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