Seville, October 2, 2020. The VOX Provincial Group in the Seville Provincial Council has alerted this Friday of the intentions of the Socialist mayor of Marchena, María del Mar Romero, to replace Local Police agents with private security guards.

The provincial deputy of VOX, Rafael García Ortiz has stated "Our deepest rejection of the decision of the socialist councilor when requesting the Government Subdelegation to contract private security to act as police officers, assuming functions strictly reserved for agents of the authority".

“From the provincial group of VOX we remind the mayor that the legislation on private security only admits specific and very limited collaborations of hybrid services but in no case the substitution of public officials whose main competence is the safeguarding of general interests and the maintenance of public order and citizen security entrusted by the Spanish Constitution ”.

Rafael Garcia Ortiz has warned “of the serious situation that the residents of Marchena are going through, completely unprotected, when meeting 80% of the staff of the Local Police leave due to depression. A lack of absolute understanding between the mayor of the town and the police officers who have been forced to request a discharge due to depression after the continuous attacks, threats, accusations and public disqualifications that the councilor has poured against the agents.

The problem, which dates back to November 2019, is far from being solved after the refusal of the first mayor to sit down to negotiate with those affected, which has triggered the sick leave of 26 of the 32 local agents.

García Ortiz has highlighted that “the mayor, which has met with other political formations, has refused to sit down with the Provincial VOX Group, proving once more authoritarianism and lack of interest in solving a problem as serious as the security of citizens ”.

“At VOX we believe that it is time to put aside political colors and all row in the same direction to solve an extremely serious problem that has been dragging the town for a year. For this reason we have sent instructions to the provincial advisory to file a complaint with the ombudsman ”.

"The mayoress as the first municipal authority must answer to the citizens for the decisions she makes and the mistakes she makes”, Has indicated the provincial deputy of VOX, but“ above all, weighing the interests at stake ”. “From VOX we denounce the despotism with which the Mayor holds a position, which we remind her have been granted by the citizens, the same ones to whom she now turns her back, playing with their safety ".

Rafael García Ortiz has asserted that “we will not abandon the marcheneros and we will be vigilant so that current legislation is complied with and We will not stop until we ensure that citizens have the police protection that guarantees security in Marchena ”.

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