VOX has demanded, in the Senate Defense Committee, that progress be made to facilitate the labor conciliation of the Spanish military by setting up morning classrooms in early childhood education centers. The party has requested that, to the motion presented by the Socialists to conclude the works begun in children's centers in various barracks, a point be added to ratify the commitment to establish morning classrooms. However, the PSOE has rejected the VOX proposal claiming that they did not consider this issue "timely".

The senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has defended that the establishment of morning classrooms "represents another step in the necessary advance towards conciliation in the professional and family life of our Armed Forces whose components should not be found in the situation of having to choose between family and work ”. “Among the benefits of these classrooms, the fundamental one lies in an extension of the entry and exit times, which results in greater flexibility at the same time that contributes to a better equalization between the facilities that we find in civil life and the belonging to the military sphere ”, Merelo stressed.

However, the PSOE overturned the amendment and Merelo has reproached it, noting that VOX does reaffirm its commitment "to the protection of the family in all its facets and, consequently, to the reconciliation of work and family life, as well as the flexible hours of all workers in the different sectors of our society, including, as it cannot be otherwise, all the members of our Armed Forces ”. Therefore, the senator has voted in favor of the construction of children's centers in the barracks.

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