Madrid, October 8, 2020. – "Europe cannot be built with attack and contempt for member states." That is why VOX has presented an initiative in the Madrid Assembly to combat the decision of the European Parliament to recognize the status of deputy to Carles Puigdemont, Antoni Comín and Clara Ponsatí.

All of them are condemned by final judgment for crimes of sedition and, furthermore, they have not complied with the Constitution in the national territory; a fact that represents a violation of both Spanish and European laws. In the same way, the European Parliament affects this violation by recognizing the right to collect back wages since July 2019. Why? Because the three mentioned did not renounce their status as regional deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia until January 2020 and it is incompatible to be a MEP and a regional deputy.

Hence, the European Parliament violates, once again, both Spanish and European law. “Europe cannot be built with the attack and contempt for the member states,” defended the VOX Justice spokesman in the Madrid Assembly, Pablo Gutiérrez de Cabiedes.

A position endorsed by the majority of the regional Chamber, but against which the totalitarian PSOE led by Pedro Sánchez, hostage of the separatists to remain in Moncloa, has voted. At VOX, on the other hand, it is clear to us: "No one can be above the law and, least of all, who exercises power," concluded Cabiedes.

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