The Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Valencian Courts has been portrayed today in plenary by voting against the Proposition No of Law (PNL) of VOX in defense of the independence of the judiciary and to protect the Crown.
The PSPV-PSOE deputies have rejected their support for this measure, despite the fact that VOX had even eliminated the explanatory statement from it. The Socialists have preferred to follow in the footsteps of their partners in Compromís and Podemos, refusing to safeguard two of the main pillars of the Spanish State: justice and the Crown.
On the other hand, the president, Ximo Puig, and the vice president, Mónica Oltra, have also refused to condemn the attacks that a Compromís deputy made yesterday, at the parliamentary headquarters, against our State Security Forces and Bodies, specifically the Police The National Police and the Civil Guard, whom he accused of being in collusion with Nazi ideological groups and went so far as to affirm that the citizens "felt fear."
David García has asked Ximo Puig if he was going to disapprove of this Compromís deputy or if, on the contrary, he approved and agreed with these serious statements that undermine the professionalism and impartiality of the National Police and the Civil Guard. After this, Mónica Oltra simply did not respond.
The president and deputy spokesperson of the VOX Valencian Community Parliamentary Group, José María Llanos, stated in the hemicycle: "Mónica Oltra has refused to defend our State Security Forces and Bodies."
David García has also highlighted that this is not the first time that Compromís has directly attacked the National Police and the Civil Guard with a very defined strategy.
Healing is about to explode

José María Llanos has asked Puig if he is going to change the strategy of the Consell to face this second wave of infections and has reminded him that this summer the virus has not been reduced, nor the infections: “It is true that the figures for now they do not admit comparison, because they insisted on not doing tests. But hey, what are they going to do from now on? "
Llanos has reminded President Puig of the dramatic situation in which health is found due to the terrible management of his government: "Health is about to explode: they are overflowing, lack of staff – and more than will be lacking with their language policies – they revert hospitals that are working perfectly, patients are attended by telephone… ”.
In addition, he has requested that the Minister Barceló be dismissed "The Department of Health has generated a serious risk for the health and safety of health professionals, for failing to comply with the Occupational Risk Prevention regulations," ruling the Social Court 5 of Alicante. Because it is not about either legislating or saving lives; it's about doing things right: complying with the law and saving lives at the same time. And now the curfew is such an extreme measure that Mr. Sánchez, two days after decreeing it, turns to his side and passes the ball to them. You see, in a democracy, if we forget about legal coverage, we are lost ”.
José María Llanos has criticized the demagoguery that is being done with health and life. “Because, when are they going to do the math? How are they going to calculate that an ICU bed has been avoided and that they are going to reverse it in families, freelancers and companies? Because they are already in ruins now and a government must provide solutions by removing it from wherever it may be. Mr. President: the best social expenditure is to save people; his life, his health and his dignity; that they can eat and live ”.
García calls for Barceló's resignation after being convicted
Deputy David García has also asked in his speech for the resignation of the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, after she has been convicted by a court for not providing the health workers of Alicante with the necessary means to protect themselves from Covid-19.
“I thought you weren't going to be here today. After being sentenced, she should have had the dignity to resign. Why is she still sitting there? Why don't you resign? Resign, do it for the lives of the toilets you put in grave danger and for that you have been condemned ”.

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