The quarry, in the Tournament of Champions

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NEWS | 05/25/2019

Cadet A, Infantile A and Alevín A were proclaimed winners.

The Cadet A (0-4), Alevín A (6-0) and the Infant A (4-0) won in their finals.

Cadet B-Cadet A (0-4)

The first cadet took the title against those of Diego Nogales. The many were from Room, Jeremy, Raul Y Hugo.

Infantile A-Leganés (4-0)

The training set Xabi Alonso He beat Leganes in the final played at Garcia de la Mata, which faced the top finishers of the two groups of the Honor Division. Iker (two), Alonso Y Hugo they signed the goals.

Alevín A-Leganés (6-0)

The team trained by Roberto Tomás won in the semifinals Alevín B with goals from Dani, Paul, Aimar, Almeida Y Matthew. In the final he beat Leganes with authority thanks to the goals of Humans, Charles, Melvin, Paulo, Dani and Viega.

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