• The Cuzco tower will gain 2,600 square meters and will expand the places by almost 800, to 2,070 jobs
  • The work has a budget of 25 million and is scheduled for completion in July 2015
  • The grouping of centers plus energy and communication efficiency will allow productivity improvements

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has begun the comprehensive remodeling of its headquarters, within the Cuzco Ministerial Complex on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid. The objective is to recondition, expand and optimize the space, which will allow savings in rental and maintenance costs of 10.2 million euros per year.

The remodeling of the building – built in the 70s – will expand the useful area by almost 2,600 m2, up to 26,800 m2, and will optimize the spaces, which will accommodate 2,070 people, compared to 1,288 today. This will allow the abandonment of two of the buildings that are now for rent and improve productivity by locating units in a single headquarters that are currently dispersed in three.

The works, whose budget amounts to 25 million euros, also pursue technical improvements such as the perimeter covering and the exterior carpentry to save energy as well as to improve the air conditioning and lighting installations. In addition, technical flooring will be installed (allowing greater movement of spaces at little cost) and a single voice and data network. After the works, according to the execution project, around 15% will be saved in electrical energy from air conditioning and around 30% in natural gas.

The remodeled plants will accommodate, in addition to the current staff, 513 people who now provide their services in the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, who occupy a rented building in Madrid, whose annual cost, including maintenance, rises to the 8.19 million euros. Likewise, the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds, with 269 people, will be transferred to the central headquarters, which will add another 2 million euros of savings per year.

In a first stage, the reform of the 18 floors of the building used by the Ministry of Economy will be addressed, and later the 23-storey tower assembly will be completed. This rationalization of the space promoted by the Ministry of Economy is part of the objectives of the Commission for the Reform of Public Administrations (CORA).

The completion of the works is scheduled for July 2015. The Ministry apologizes both to the staff working in the affected building and to the citizens who transit the area for the inconvenience that these works may cause.

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