The Spanish Vehicle Renting Association, AER, has published the data of the registrations of vehicles registered by the renting companies, until June 2019, which rise to 168,785 units, what is an increase of 8.85%over the same period of 2018, in which 155,069 units were accounted for.

Regarding the results of the total market in Spain, the registrations have descended a 4.54%, when registering 820.789 units. The weight of renting in the total of registrations stands at 20.56%.

In June, vehicle leasing accounted for 33,990 units, 7.55% more than in the same month last year, when 31,604 were registered; while, the total market fell again by 7.32%, with respect to the sixth month of 2018, going from 165,518 units, in June 2018 to 153.404, last month.

The total investment, made in the acquisition of new vehicles by the leasing companies, until June 2019, has reached 3,253 million euros, 14.10% more than in 2018, when an investment of 2,851 million euros was recorded .

Agustín García, president of the Spanish Vehicle Renting Association, comments on the data: "The growth of renting registrations, at the end of the first half of the year, is great news for the sector that, in an environment of falls, has managed to close every month in positive. This is the demonstration that the change in the mentality of Spanish consumers is a reality. Despite these good results from the renting sector, we are aware that the automotive market is not going through its best and its reactivation is necessary»

Most registered brands and models

The 10 most registered brands in renting in the company channel, up to June 2019, represented 74.66%, compared to 71.87% that they accounted for in 2018. The growth experienced by these first 10 firms has been 10, 04%, while the renting, in the company channel, has increased by 5.94%.

Regarding the 10 most demanded models in renting, in the accumulated to June 2019, these have hoarded 27.06% of the total number of vehicles registered in renting in the business channel, while, in the same period of 2018 , they accounted for 23.68%. These first 10 models, in this period, have increased their presence in the company channel by 21.03%.

In the accumulated to June 2019 have been enrolled in renting 3,383 units of different types of electric (pure electric, extended range, plug-in hybrid gasoline and plug-in diesel hybrid), which accounts for 2% of total leases in renting ; while the 10,014 electric registered units in the total market represent 1.22%. The weight that the renting contributes to the total electric registrations is 33.78%. The registration of electric renting vehicles has increased with respect to the data accumulated to June 2018, 85.78%.

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