The Spanish Association of Renting of Vehicles has presented today the complete data of the evolution of the renting at the end of June. At the end of the first semester, the number of automobiles in renting in Spain rises to 687.889 vehicles. This supposes a growth of 13.48%, in relation to the data of the same period of 2018, when 606,203 units were registered.

Thus, the number of vehicles in renting increases in 81,686 units, during the last 12 months, and small companies, self-employed and individuals account for 55.96% of this growth.

The number of clients in renting amounts to 159,351, with a growth of 30.23%, in relation to the closing of the first semester of 2018. The registrations accumulated to June are 168,785 and register an increase of 8.85%. The weight of the renting in the total number of registrations in Spain is 20.56%.

The sector has billed, in the period January-June 2019, 3,031.21 million euros, 13.96% more than in the same period of 2018; while the investment in the purchase of vehicles reaches 3,523 million euros, 14.10% more than in the first semester of 2018.

Agustín García, president of the Spanish Vehicle Renting Association, values ​​this information: «The closing of the first semester of the year allows us to trust in overcoming two historical barriers at the end of the year. In this way, the renting could exceed 700,000 units of park and 300,000 registrations. Two new records that will place the renting as the great alternative to traditional mobility and that will be achieved thanks, mainly, to the hatching that has been recorded by the smaller customers, who continue to gain weight in the renting park; not in vain, of the 81,686 units with which the park has increased, small businesses, self-employed and individuals have contributed 55.96%. It should be noted that the good performance of renting stands out even more, given that it occurs in a scenario of widespread decline in car registrations; a situation that we hope will change in the second half of the year, and good news will be consolidated, such as the upward revision of GDP, recently announced by the Government, which is expected to be at 2.3% in 2019»

Vehicle park and renting customers

The vehicles that make up the renting park are 687.889 units, at the end of the first half of 2019, and there is a growth of 13.48%, with respect to the same period of 2018, in which the renting park was estimated at 606,203 units . Once again, it is necessary to highlight the evolution that the segment of self-employed and individuals is experiencing, which increase their weight in the park of renting 2.48 percentage points, in relation to the first semester of 2018, when going from having a presence of 7 , 18%, to one of 9.66%. The number of vehicles in renting in the hands of individuals (individuals and self-employed) amounts to 66,429, 52.58% more than in the same year last year.

Small businesses also increase their weight in the renting park by one percentage point, until they have a penetration of 20.47%, with 140,826 units, representing a growth of 19.33%. Medium and large companies continue to increase their number of vehicles in renting, but, the largest growth of small, autonomous and private individuals continue to lose weight. In this way, medium-sized companies go from having a weight of 17.92%, to June 30, 2018, to one of 17.36%, at the end of June of this year. The big company goes from a weight of 55.43%, to one of 52.51%.

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