“We are very concerned about what is happening in Catalonia today, in La Junquera where the border has become closed by those who, characterized during these months, by an unpunished behavior and feeling unpunished have decided to cut the roads once again , strangling the Catalan economy. For us, The main urgency today, beyond debates about electoral acts, is to demand from the government the complete restoration of the constitutional order in Catalonia and the return of freedoms to millions of Catalans that they feel kidnapped by an unpunished separatist coup ”.

This is how the president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, began the press conference after the November 10 elections in which the formation has obtained 15% of the votes and the support of more than 3,640,000 Spaniards, obtaining 52 deputies and Three senators.

The training has managed to be first force in Murcia and Ceuta as well as in a belt of municipalities in Madrid. In this line, VOX has obtained 20% of the votes in Andalusia, – being the second force in Seville, Huelva, Cádiz and Almería-, 22% of the votes in Castilla La-Mancha and, in Catalonia, Vox has achieved superior results than those of Citizens and the PP in some Catalan provinces.

“We estimate that approximately 300,000 Spaniards who voted for the PSOE on April 28 have opted for VOX, ” Santiago Abascal has assured showing the satisfaction of the training for the results obtained. “These results make VOX a true containment dam and a hope for millions of Spaniards. In a containment dam against separatism and against the totalitarian legislation of the progress which, for the first time in a long time, will have strong opposition and close vigilance. Also in the legislative field and with the tool of recourse to the Constitutional Court ”, he explained later to share a reflection on how the VOX voter is.

“There are 3,640,000 Spaniards who they are not making explosives, they are not cutting roads, they are not threatening rallies of other political parties, that are not attacking the constitutional order, that are not attacking the separation of powers, that they are not disobeying the judgments of the courts, that they are not questioning the democratic system and that they are not attacking national unity. VOX voters, those Spaniards we have always said represent early-rising Spain, are workers, families, young men and women in search of the future, they are also the men and women of the countryside, they are men and women in solidarity, who are reoccupied for the common good, that they are good people and that they are peaceful people, ”he said.

That is why the president of VOX wanted to condemn the criminalization attempts of various media and of social gatherings and political scientists who are "absolutely unleashed" and have given rise to threats against the relatives of national spokespersons. “To those responsible for the media we hold them responsible for any type of aggression and threat that occurs against our families as a result of the radical and systematic criminalization of a legitimate political alternative that represents 3,640,000 Spaniards, ”he said.

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