The results of the European Project Advancing in the management of LGBT diversity in the public and private sector are presented

The results of the European Project Advancing in the management of LGBT diversity in the public and private sector (ADIM), developed at the time by the General Directorate for Equal Treatment and Diversity of the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality of Spain, together with the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality of the Government of Portugal and the Anthropology, Diversity and Coexistence Research Group of the Complutense University of Madrid.

The project aims to seek improvements in the respect and inclusion of LGTBI people in work settings. The project consists of an investigation, a guide and six videos promoting respect for sexual and gender diversity in the workplace.

8,557 people participated in the investigation, 13.4% of whom declared themselves LGTBI. Some of its main conclusions have been, among others: discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity remains entrenched in the workplace; there is a normalization of rumors, jokes or questioning comments regarding sexual diversity; discriminatory situations go more unnoticed among non-LGTBI employees; 15% of LGTBI people have ever avoided corporate events or spaces; a large part of LGTBI people who are visible in their personal lives feel compelled to hide this facet of their life in their workplace; 52% is not visible in the workplace or is only visible to certain people; only 55% of those who have sons and daughters feel comfortable talking about it at work; the impossibility of personal development in freedom harms professional development; the concealment of family life makes it impossible to enjoy certain labor rights; or that LGTBI workers who do not feel supported experience less commitment to the company and are less fulfilled.

The project in turn shows that companies that work on sexual diversity, enhance creativity and innovation, ensure the well-being of the people who work in them and guarantee their greater involvement. Having these inclusion policies increases the attraction of the best talent, while responsibility at all levels of the company generates inclusive policies that, in the long run, socially and economically benefit companies and society in their set.

The project includes an ADIM LGBT guide + Inclusion of sexual diversity and gender identity in companies and organizations. In the guide, accessible in Spanish, Portuguese and English, in addition to being able to consult the main results of the research, proposals are offered to recognize and value LGBTI diversity in the workplace. The project also presents several videos in which motivations and suggestions are raised to address the reality of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans and other people belonging to the LGTBI collective in their work spaces.

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