The road transport sector communicates its commitment to keep medicine supplies to hospitals at Easter

The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products had communicated that the maintenance of the transport and supply of medicines during the Easter holidays was absolutely essential.

The Transport sector, represented by the National Committee for Road Transport, has expressed to Mitma its commitment to continue providing these services that are so essential for society, along the lines that it has been demonstrating in this health crisis.

The commitment of the National Committee has come after the General Directorate of Land Transport has transmitted the concern of the Medicines Agency to the Department of Merchandise National Committee for Road Transport. He, aware of these circumstances, has shown his total availability to contribute also in the coming holidays to ensure the supply of these products so essential for society, as he has been doing throughout this health crisis.

Guarantee the supply of medicines

Order SND / 276/2020, of March 23, of the Ministry of Health establishing obligations to supply information, supply and manufacture of certain drugs in the situation of health crisis caused by COVID-19 establishes for laboratories holders the need to guarantee the supply of medicines to hospitals also during vacation periods.

With the arrival of Easter, some laboratories had stated that they are having difficulties in ensuring supply in periods of 4-5 days of vacation.

Pharmaceutical laboratories are enabling systems to be able to receive orders during the festive period and to be able to serve them, but in order to meet the objectives, it was necessary to ensure the availability of the necessary means to get the medicines to their destination in a reasonable period of time.

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