Headlines Iñaki Oyarzabal, president of the PP of Álava:

– While the leaders of the PNV were dedicated to rob, the president of the party was Iñigo Urkullu, that has not assumed any responsibility.

-We demand that the Lehendakari assume his political responsibilities, in the same way that others were required. Above all, when there are advisors from his government, from the Basque Government, who were part of the team of the plot leader, Alfredo De Miguel.

-The PNV of Álava is directly marked by corruption and all suspicions are confirmed.

-It affects members of the executive of the party, number 2 of the Diputación, vice president of the savings bank, mayors and councilors, directors of Basque Government, responsible for public companies, network of technology parks and companies linked to the PNV.

-We demand the creation of an Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

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