• It will contribute to standardization and innovation to share knowledge about 5G throughout the territory
  • The Observatory will assist the Technical Office of the 5G National Plan in coordinating public-private synergies
  • Other institutions, foundations or companies that share the objective of promoting 5G deployment in Spain may join the agreement

The Ministry of Economy and Business, through the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement; the public entity Red.es and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation (hereinafter MWCapital) have signed an agreement for the creation of the 5G National Observatory.

The observatory will have a shared headquarters at the MWCapital facilities in Barcelona and Madrid, and will have an initial budget of 1.5 million euros over the next three years. The activities you develop will complement and assist those implemented by the Technical Office of the 5G National Plan, in its work of coordinating public-private synergies in the deployment of 5G networks and services.

The 5G National Observatory will contribute to standardization and innovation, strategy alignment and knowledge sharing around 5G mobile technology throughout the national territory. Among other activities, this entity will produce studies and reports related to 5G technology, its new uses and its potential impact on society and the economy, and will encourage public-private and research sector collaboration. It is also planned to organize an annual event for the dissemination of 5G, aimed at its applicability in productive sectors. In addition, this Observatory will promote training and training in 5G technologies through workshops, online courses and workshops.

This initiative will act in coordination with the 5G National Plan and will complement the Spain Advanced Entrepreneur Nation strategy on October 5 by the President of the Government of Spain. Thus, entrepreneurship and internationalization around the new telecommunications paradigm will also be promoted from the observatory.

Other institutions, foundations or companies, public or private, that share the objective of promoting 5G deployment in Spain, sharing experiences and promoting standardization and innovation may join the agreement.

Official presentation
The 5G Observatory will be officially presented on November 29 in Madrid, at an event that will take place in the space ‘La Enredadera’ of Red.es.
5G technology will be the essential technological component in digital transformation. Its deployment will allow the development of the Internet of Things, big data, robotics or virtual reality, with a transversal effect on society and the economy over the next decade, being a catalyst for investment attraction and a lever for growth inclusive.

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