"The Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, took part in the meeting of the CEOE Digital Society Commission, in which she was presented with the last two Reports prepared within said Commission.

The first of these, called "Proposals for digitization for the day after", includes a brief analysis of what the application of technology and digitization has meant for citizens, companies and Public Administrations during the crisis period sanitary. From this analysis, a series of lessons are extracted that give rise to a set of proposals structured in 13 objectives that would contribute to the digital transformation of Spanish society.

The second is a document that compiles the Tractor Macroprojects that are proposed by the CEOE Digital Society Commission, in areas such as digital identity, mobility, agri-food, tourism, health or electronic payments.

For her part, the Secretary of State shared with the members of the Commission the projects developed from her sphere of action during these months of health crisis and the possible actions to be carried out in the near future ”.

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