• The Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support, Ana de la Cueva, has attended the closing ceremony of the Debt Conversion Program 2005 in Honduras
  • Under this Program, 23 projects have been financed in 34 municipalities, benefiting more than 15% of the Honduran population
  • Spain currently has 28 Debt Conversion Programs signed with 20 countries

The Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support, Ana de la Cueva, has met with the President of the Republic of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, as part of the closing of the Honduras Debt Conversion Program against Spain signed in 2005.

The main results were analyzed at the meeting and progress was made in the development of the second Program, signed in 2007 and currently under execution.

The funded projects benefit 15% of the Honduran population

The Honduras Debt Conversion Program against Spain, signed in 2005, has involved the forgiveness of $ 138.3 million and the simultaneous creation of a countervalue fund of $ 55.3 million to finance projects that contribute to the economic development of the country and to the improvement of the quality of life of the Honduran population.

In the closing ceremony held in Honduras, different authorities of the country have attended and has had the participation of all the actors that have contributed to the success of the Program.

The results of the execution are very satisfactory. 23 projects have been financed, with a direct impact on 34 municipalities, belonging to 13 of the 18 departments of the country. The number of beneficiaries exceeds 1.3 million, which represents almost 15% of the Honduran population.

The projects have been carried out in sectors considered strategic for the development of the country such as education, environment and renewable energy.

Spain's commitment to the development of Honduras continues

After the completion of the 2005 Program, Spain and Honduras will focus their efforts on the execution of the second Debt Conversion Program of Honduras versus Spain, signed in 2007.

This second Program involves the cancellation of almost 185 million dollars and will allow more than 80 million dollars to be allocated to the development of projects in sectors such as transport, education and environmental infrastructure.

Spain has subscribed 28 Debt Conversion Programs with 20 countries

Spain's commitment to development cooperation is materialized in the 28 Debt Conversion Programs that it has in force with 20 countries.

These programs are enabling projects that promote the development of beneficiary countries and contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of their population. In this sense, the predominance of operations in the educational field is relevant, which is why it is committed to training and the future of the countries.

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