The Secretary of State for Security calls for efforts to consolidate the European "area of ​​freedom, security and justice"

Pérez has made this appeal at the informal meeting of the Council of Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs of the European Union (JHA) which has been held in Zagreb (Croatia). Within the framework of the Presidency of Croatia of the EU Council, a new phase has begun in the debates on the future of internal security in Europe.

The Secretary of State, after congratulating Croatia on his first presidency, for which he has desired "all kinds of successes", has indicated that in the face of that future it is necessary "to be ambitious and provide the necessary political leadership and leadership" to preserve "fundamental freedoms and the rule of law" that define the common European space.

Among other objectives, the need to promote innovation and the incorporation of new technological developments in the field of European Union security has been highlighted.

He also pointed out that "security exceeds the police scope." In this context, he has advocated consolidating community instruments such as those designed to deal with emergencies and disasters "that require a European solidarity response".

"The RescEU mechanism is a good example of an initiative that helps strengthen our Union," he said. RescEU constitutes a reserve of resources that will be used when the countries of the European Union cannot

deal with a catastrophe alone and require additional assistance quickly. It is one of the European initiatives to deal with disasters within the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Fight against the mafias

The JAI Council has also discussed immigration issues, an area in which Pérez has insisted on the need to "combat the activities of human trafficking networks."

To this end, it has opted to "adopt global measures, aimed at improving our cooperation with all countries of origin." In this sense, he has set the example of Spain and highlighted the success of the joint patrols established with Mauritania Senegal or Morocco and of the joint investigation teams in Mauritania and Niger that are developing forces of the Spanish Security Forces and Bodies.

The Secretary of State for Security has indicated that these projects have favored the increase of information exchange and have served to "build and strengthen relationships of mutual trust with the countries of origin and transit of greater importance, and manage and control in a more adequate migration routes. "

Pérez has also made a call to solidarity and shared responsibility among member countries to his European counterparts that allows "to overcome the principle of responsibility of the State of first entry." "The equation is simple: we need more cooperation, more common and concerted actions that reinforce our ability to order movements towards the EU and less fragmented actions that weaken and limit our control over the decisive factors of migration," he said.

This informal JHA Council held in Zagreb has also served to address other issues such as the interoperability of EU information systems in the field of justice and home affairs or the implementation of the new regulation of the Frontex Agency.

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