Spain ranks fifth in the European market that consumes the most this type of products and confirms the increase of 2% compared to previous years with a total of 6,954 million euros per year, according to the economic results of data from the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (STANPA).

Skin care products and personal hygiene are the most consumed in Spain with 52% of the total according to STANPA data. Products such as gels, shampoos or dental hygiene account for 24% of the total consumption in this type of articles. The products for the protection of the skin (solar included) make up 28% of the total of items purchased by the Spanish in this sector making clear the importance of health in the field of personal care by consumers. In addition, last year, 97 million products for facial skin in Spain were purchased.

"Cosmetics has a vital importance in Spanish consumption as the STANPA study makes clear, and not only that, from Deusto Salud we observe an increase in the popularity of natural cosmetics in society not only as a measure of self-consumption but also against climate change. If we learn not to contaminate so much, making our own natural products we will be contributing our grain of sand to a global problem ", according to Deusto Salud sources.

For this reason, Deusto Salud, a distance training center specialized in health and natural therapies, has recently inaugurated the Natural Cosmetics Course.

Thus, The Course of Natural Cosmetics "is a response to the demand of the beauty sector in the face of the growth of natural products and an increasingly extended work experience in the industry", assure from Deusto Salud. The course is supported by Weleda, a Swiss company leader in the natural cosmetics market with a presence in 50 countries and more than 2,000 employees.

The professionals of the aesthetic sector, the most interested in the course

The vast majority of people who have passed the course of Natural Cosmetics in this year since its launch are professionals from the world of beauty, with positions in management positions and assistants with the will to delve into this field in search of new market opportunities .

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