 The change of name occurs after its recognition as a reference CERT by the European NIS Directive

 Until August 31, this center managed 88,677 security incidents, of which 94% corresponded to citizens and businesses

The Security and Industry Incident Response Center, CERTSI, is now officially called INCIBE-CERT as a result of its recognition as a reference CERT (Computer Security Response Team) for citizens and private law entities in Spain, after approval by the Government of the Royal Decree-Law for the transposition of the NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive on cybersecurity.

This new nomenclature, together with a change of image, responds to the objective of improving the identification of the service with the agency that operates it, the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), under the Ministry of Economy and Business through the Secretariat of Status for Digital Advance. Not surprisingly, INCIBE-CERT is one of the most strategic and important services that the Institute provides to the audiences it addresses.

Thus, it is the response center for citizen and business security incidents and, in the case of incident management that affects critical operators in the private sector, INCIBE-CERT is jointly operated by INCIBE and CNPIC, the National Protection Center of Infrastructure and Cybersecurity of the Ministry of Interior.

INCIBE-CERT is one of the reference response teams for incidents that coordinates with the rest of the national and international teams to improve effectiveness in the fight against crimes involving networks and information systems, reducing their effects on Public safety

In its work of national CERT, INCIBE-CERT employs techniques of anticipation and early detection of incidents, proactively, that affect citizens and companies of Spain. This allows the development of alerts and warnings about campaigns to improve cyber threat protection and notify the incidents to those affected. In addition, it serves the cybersecurity incidents notified by the citizens and businesses of the country. In short, the purpose of the incident response service is to make available to its public the technological and coordination capacity that allows offering operational support to cyber threats.

Together with the detection and reporting of incidents and the system of warnings and alerts, INCIBE-CERT, through its portal www.incibe-cert.es, offers users various publications in the form of a blog, a cybersecurity log, guides and studies, among others.

Until August 31, 2018, INCIBE-CERT managed 88,677 security incidents, of which 83,165 (94%) corresponded to citizens and businesses and 5,512 (the remaining 6%) to the academic network (REDIRIS) and critical operators.

All information regarding INCIBE-CERT can be found on the website www.incibe-cert.es.

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