Madrid, November 4, 2020.- The Senate today voted against a Motion consequence of Interpellation of VOX to prevent the measures taken to curb the Coronavirus from having partisan connotations. The argument that, for example, has made the senator of the Confederal Left Carles Mulet has been: "Even if they present a super happy flower motion with us, they will not count."

The VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, harshly criticized the Government and the PP today before the State of Alarm, which he has described as a "State of Exception."

As he explained during his defense of the Motion, "the six-month State of Exception does not solve the health problem" as the first wave did not. "The only thing they are going to achieve is to sink the economy even more," he warned.

«What makes you think that this State of Exception is going to solve something ?; How can they have the little shame to lock up citizens more ?; Can you tell who they ask ?; Who is responsible for locking up the Spaniards without having the slightest idea of ​​what is happening? », Asked the senator.

«The State of Alarm, with its curfews in the purest style of the admired leader of its vice president, is a disproportionate, arbitrary and useless measure, which only aims to numb, anesthetize and tame a Spanish society that is tired and that is already desperate, "he said.

Full powers

González-Robatto has described as "illegal and unconstitutional" that the Government grants itself full powers "to further limit the freedom of the Spanish." "The freedom to work, the freedom to meet, the freedom of expression, for others, of course not for you, if the Government is invited to the celebration, then the meetings can exceed 150 people," he denounced.

In the same vein, he has disapproved of the attitude of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, who left the Hemicycle "to achieve its purpose, leaving the rest of the parliamentarians standing. For González-Robatto it is "one more example of his absolute disinterest."

Vile cowardice of the PP

The senator has also addressed the PP: "What a vile cowardice in the face of this infamy is your support in the form of abstention." And he has demanded that "defend the Spanish here, not in Venice." At the same time, he has recommended that "stop believing the promises that the president has made about lies to his party and open your eyes: he only promises to stay a few more days in Moncloa, on 56,000 Spanish graves." "His cowardice is also an accomplice of this highway to ruin," he denounced.

González-Robatto, very critical of the "self-raising salary of the deputies", has asked the senators to "walk through the streets, look into the eyes of each citizen and tell them to their faces that they have raised their salary."

"They pass from the problems of the Spanish and waste resources," denounced the senator, who has warned of the "abyss" in which Spain is immersed and from which "it will be difficult for us to get out, of course no longer stronger, but simply to get out ».

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