From VOX Granada we express our stupor before the new step taken by the PSOE to complete its budget strategy, based on taking away the money that corresponds to the Spaniards who have less to be able to offer it to the separatist elites, and that on this occasion they have as sad protagonists to the socialist senators by Granada, Alejandro Zubeldia and Francisco Javier Aragón, become necessary collaborators of this sequence of acts that, in the last instance, is supposing a subtraction of the money that corresponded to all the Granada people.

The PSOE, through the Ministry of Finance directed by the Andalusian María Jesús Montero, has taken the 537 million VAT from the community for the liquidation of 2017, the year in which Minister Montero herself was, who directed the Ministry of Treasury of the Junta de Andalucía. But not happy with it, the PSOE returns to plunder to the south, and in this case it does so to deliver the money to the separatists, since 75 million euros of autonomous financing have been subtracted from Andalusia by 2020, while Catalonia is it increases 143 million euros.

These items were intended to finance essential services such as education, health and social services, and therefore the PSOE in the Senate has been urged this week to end the path of resentment and confrontation for not being able to hold power on the Board since the emergence of VOX in Andalusia, so that they abandoned the confrontation and the tension so that the amounts due for the return of the autonomous VAT of 2017, as well as the outstanding debt of the VAT corresponding to the local entities, as indicated by the Minister of Finance in an election campaign, in which she promised that this game would be paid in 2019. However, the socialist votes rejected the proposal, thus continuing with her erratic revenge policy against the south from Spain.

To this unbridled strategy are added the Granada senators Francisco Javier Aragón and Alejandro Zubeldia, who have disappointed the socialist voters of our province, since they could have revealed themselves against this illegitimate pillage perpetrated by Minister Montero, just as their colleagues in party that are presidents of autonomous governments, but both senators have opted for the comfort of bowing and showing their servile position with the national socialist leadership.

The government of the socialist party demonstrates that once again its economic policy is to devour public money, be it the 680 million of the complex plot of the ERE, the 537 million VAT of 2017 or the 75 million corresponding to the financing of 2020, and proves that it is the party of social 'NO justice'.

From VOX we demand senators Francisco Javier Aragón and Alejandro Zubeldia to face the public opinion of Granada to explain why they have allowed the money of the Province to emigrate to Catalonia and the Basque Country, and we urge Minister Montero and the PSOE to stop applying the roller to Granada, since the support of our children's schools, public health centers and social aids so that our neighbors can receive a boost with which to prosper, cannot be conditioned by the desire of the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to stay one more day in power.

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