The employment data for the month of December show that, as in previous December and due to the Christmas campaign engine, unemployment falls by 34,579 people and membership increases by 31,659, being the worst figures since the beginning of the recovery.

In year-on-year terms, the data reveal a drop in unemployment that is much lower than in 2018, when 210,484 fewer unemployed were reached, compared to 38,692 in this year. Along the same lines, Social Security affiliation reflects that almost 180,000 fewer workers have joined in 2019, since the increase in employed was 384,373, well below the 563,965 of 2018.

These records show a worrying slowdown in job creation that has been intensifying since July, not only due to economic uncertainty, in the global environment and the European Union, but also due to the crisis of confidence in the national sphere.

In a context of cooling the economy, economic and labor measures announced for the future government could accelerate further the deterioration of the economy affecting employment, as explained by the CEOE and CEPYME organizations in the statement sent to the press last December 31

>> Labor Market Observatory-January 2020

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