The solution in the expansion of the institute and construction of the new La Muela school "passes through the general and urgent interest." This is stated by the Provincial Deputy of VOX in Zaragoza, Carlos Rodrigo.

In fact, «this method is what they are carrying out in Épila. Place with the same government as La Muela and Government of Aragon. Where they are building large infrastructures. Instead, here it only occurs to them to remove the Auditorium from its necessary use, to make it an educational area. With the alternatives they have … »

Ghost game

At the time, the La Muela City Council government stated that it had a budget allocated to the DGA infrastructure plan. But, when the time came, VOX found that such money did not exist.

Therefore, the solution that the deputy offers is twofold. One, buying land attached to the institute, "because its condition is cheap." And another, making the owners of the lands next to La Jupe park, about 25,000 square meters, give this space free to the City Council.

"That would not be a problem for a consistory and Government of Aragon coinciding in doing the general good in other places and urgently," says the Deputy.

This land would constitute a great school, university, sports and social city. "It already has vehicular and pedestrian access, public lighting, garbage service and running water, among other services," says Carlos Rodrigo.

The space would be divided into 15,000 square meters exclusively for education, 4,000 for sports and another 4,000 for social use. In addition to adding 20,000 square meters of livestock or green area that would become a parking lot.

Wanting is power

For this reason, Carlos Rodrigo wonders, “why do we have to accept the blackmail of the governments of this City Council and DGA to make compulsory school in the Auditorium. They give the excuse that processing costs a lot, but they can do it if the route is in the public interest and, I repeat, urgent. "Wanting is power and the DGA and the La Muela City Council could carry it out but they prefer to leave our people to the hand of God."

The Deputy continues to underline that the Auditorium was created to generate wealth, culture and sports, leisure and economy, tourism and employment and ultimately growth, not to be replaced. And its parking is used both for its use facing the same auditorium as for the cemetery, the bullring, the sports center, the same institute, fairs and party raffles.

"Therefore it is nonsense that it becomes a teaching center. Where the children would be watching the cemetery and the processions at all times, and that is not psychologically healthy.

The VOX La Muela group, taking advantage of a concentration of parents of students in defense of a greater space for Teaching, simulated the construction of the school. In one of the areas conducive to it. Carlos Rodrigo and the video that is attached to this information gives an account of it. An action that they plan to repeat "until the La Muela consistory repents of its claims against the Auditorium."

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