Iván Espinosa has commented, asked by Ana Rosa, that the negotiations are slow and progresses little and with delay, because the refusal of parties like Citizens to maintain a dialogue with VOX is hindering any kind of agreement to come.

VOX has the capacity so that, together with Ciudadanos and PP, it can be evicted to the left of the town halls. For this it is necessary to maintain the meetings to which Citizens refuse and before which their attitude is hindering any type of agreement initiative. What will not be possible in any case will be the signing of a pact in which VOX does not take part. In the words of Antonio Burgos: «Ciudadanos wants Vox to be like the tailor of Campillo, who sewed for nothing and put the thread on top».

VOX spokesman has insisted that the talks should be normal, because politics and democratic normalcy are based on it, because people are fed up with immobility and the same news constantly.

Asked about the comparison of Abalos between VOX and Bildu, he said that it is only necessary to mention that one is the Otegi party and the other that of Ortega Lara.

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