The Spanish and Argentine theater converse in the cycle "Theater in transition"

On September 28, stage directors Daniel Veronese and Andrés Lima star in the first meeting of "Theater in transition", a cycle of conversations between theater professionals from Spain and Argentina about challenges and opportunities in the current context organized by the CCEBA Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires – dependent on the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

This program includes up to eight colloquia, all starring a creator from Argentina and Spain from various branches of the performing arts, who will hold a streaming meeting moderated by the actress and writer Puy Navarro.

The director of the CDN, Alfredo Sanzol, and the deputy director, Fefa Noia, will participate in this cycle, with two meetings that will take place, on October 26 the first and on October 19 the second.

This is the complete agenda of the talks "Theater in transition":

September 28: Daniel Veronese and Andrés Lima.
October 5th: Jorge Telerman and Ángel Murcia.
October 12 °: Vivi Tellas and Lucía Carballal.
October 19: Sebastián Blutrach and Fefa Noia.
October 26th: Alejandro Tantanian and Alfredo Sanzol.
November 2: Laura Yusem and Laila Ripoll.
November 9: Javier Daulte and Lucía Miranda.
Nov. 16: Rafael Spregelburd and Denise Despeyroux.

The first appointment of the cycle, with Veronese and Lima, will be next Monday, September 28, and can be seen live at 8:00 p.m. in Spain (15:00 in Argentina) by clicking HERE

More information on the website of CCEBA Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires

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