The Spanish hydraulic reserve is 53.8 percent of its total capacity. The reservoirs currently store 30,181 cubic hectometres (hm³) of water, decreasing in the last one in 564 cubic hectometers (1.0% of the total capacity of the reservoirs).

The reservation by areas is the following:

Cantabrico Oriental is 84.9%
82.87% Cantábrico Occidental
Miño-Sil to 74.7%
Galicia Costa at 84.2%
Internal basins of the Basque Country to 81.0%
Duero at 59.4%
Cut to 46.5%
Guadiana at 45.5%
74%, Odiel and Piedras
Guadalete-Barbate to 55.5%
Guadalquivir at 45.0%
58.9% Andalusian Mediterranean Basin
Safe to 27.1%
Júcar at 37.6%
Ebro to 72.2%
76.4% internal watersheds

The precipitations have affected considerably the whole peninsula. The maximum has been produced in Soria with 70.4 mm (70.4 l / m²).

The situation of the basins, in cubic hectometres, is detailed in the following table:

Ministry of Ecological Transition

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