The Spanish hydraulic reserve is 60.3 percent of its total capacity. The reservoirs currently store 33,852 cubic hectometres (hm³) of water, decreasing in the last week by 92 hm³ (0.2% of the total capacity of the reservoirs).

The reservation by areas is the following:

Cantabrico Oriental is 93.2%
Western Bay of Biscay 89.2%
Miño-Sil to 76.9%
Galicia Costa at 89.8%
90.5% internal basins of the Basque Country
65.7% Douro
Cut to 54.1%
51.4% Guadiana
Red, Odiel and Piedras to 79.5%
Guadalete-Barbate to 62.0%
Guadalquivir to 52.7%
64.5% Andalusian Mediterranean Basin
Safe to 32.4%
Júcar 41.2%
Ebro to 80.2%
85.5% internal basins of Catalonia

The precipitations have been abundant in the Mediterranean slope and very little in the Atlantic slope. The maximum has been produced in Reus with 35.2 mm (35.2 l / m²).

The situation of the basins, in cubic hectometres, is detailed in the attached table:

Ministry for the ecological transition

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