The "Squat" is the main concern of the residents of Cuarte. This is pointed out by the councilor spokesman for VOX in the town, Javier Leal.

The "squatting" of empty homes by people outside of them is the main concern of the residents of Cuarte de Huerva. «For quite some time, especially the inhabitants of the Valdeconsejo neighborhood, they have been transmitting it to us. Cuarte is afraid ”, emphasizes the councilor.

Although at the moment there are no squatted houses, the fact of having suffered it puts citizens on notice. And both Javier Leal and the other VOX councilor in the Cuartano consistory, Marisa Gáñez, assure that for their part they will do everything possible so that this does not happen again.

In fact, in the recent visit to Cuarte by the VOX deputy spokesperson in the Zaragoza Provincial Council, Carlos Rodrigo, both showed this effort. And the deputy described as "good work" that developed by the councilors.

Medical Center

Another of the most pressing aspects of Cuarte, and that Javier and Marisa explained to the provincial deputy, is the need for "urgent creation" of a Medical Center. Due to the vertiginous increase of the population in the Huerva corridor.

"At the time the health map was approved in 2007," explains Javier Leal, "the population of Salud de María de Huerva is the same that today only Cuarte de Huerva has. That is why it is necessary that we can have our Health Zone. And that Cuarte de Huerva and Cadrete have their own Health Center ».

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