They positively appreciate that a President of the Government has listened to the approaches of the groups and entities close to the problem, and especially because they were able to verify that the approaches of civil society are all in the same line that the SSPA Network has been demanding for a long time, with fundamental pillars such as the need for commitment of all political parties, for social consensus, to define a long-term strategy, flexibility or graduation in the application of laws, basic services available to all Spaniards, 21st century terrestrial communications and digital, policies that foster development opportunities … in short, the groups and entities that participated in the meeting raised the strategic lines on which the Scottish Highlands and Islands have been working for more than 50 years, and thanks to which a population increase of 22% has been achieved in that territory (while Escoc ia has only grown 2%).

They also value positively that on the part of the participating organizations there was consensus on the need to establish a differentiated taxation in sparsely populated areas to get them to generate business development that creates employment for new settlers. The SSPA Network's differentiated tax report has quantitatively assessed the great economic dynamism that it would produce and the reduced cost that it would entail for the state coffers, demonstrating that a measure is feasible and possible, which several countries that have a real will have already taken to promote the economic development of fragile areas, such as France, China or the United Kingdom.

The SSPA Network saw in the meeting receptivity by the President of the Government in office because finally depopulation is presented as a transversal policy, as well as other major problems of the country such as the Ecological Transition or Equality (of which depopulation is part), and also because it seems that the fact that to solve the problem of depopulation can not continue to apply the same short-term and partial policies as usual has already been taken to the highest level.

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